Service Delivery

Penrose work with people facing, living with or recovering from challenging life circumstances. Regardless of the background, all of the services we offer are centred around the individual and built upon their needs and aspirations with the aim of securing independence and resettlement into the community. In this section we have outlined the five areas we focus on with service users so that they have the best chance of taking their lives forward in a positive direction.

Economic Well-being

Each client takes their own road to achieving economic well-being. We provide support tailored to each person’s circumstances so as to:

  • Review existing qualifications and life-skills
  • Identify skills for development
  • Establish benefit entitlement
  • Help with debt management
  • Put in place training, education and work experience in readiness for paid work

Maximising income at an early stage of the support planning process begins to foster independence and recovery and reduces the chances of relapse.

Staying Safe

Whilst for most of us staying safe seems fairly straightforward, this can be a huge challenge for many of our clients. They have often lost their home, some have slept rough, spent lengthy periods in hospital or prison and others may have a history of violence or self-harm.

Penrose supports people to address specific risk areas. Positive risk management and good decision making can keep both clients and the local community safe. It can be a gradual process as clients engage and develop trust in the support provided by Penrose staff.

Enjoy and Achieve

We support our clients to achieve their ambitions and aspirations. These may include gaining basic skills such as literacy or social skills, which can be essential for them to integrate effectively into society and achieve independent, crime-free living. We provide support to improve social links with family, develop positive social links with friends and develop roots within the community. This ensures clients do not become dependent on the service. Positive social networks are one of the most common support areas identified by our clients. The reasons are obvious: periods of exclusion create physical and social barriers between clients and their families and friends, often leading to feelings of boredom, isolation and depression all of which can lead to negative or destructive behaviour.

Be Healthy

Penrose supports clients to access the primary healthcare they require and to take responsibility for their own nutrition and exercise. To achieve this we work in partnership with a wide variety of specialist agencies. We also run events and programmes designed to foster healthy lifestyles, e.g. acupuncture courses or organised sporting activities. This in turn increases social inclusion and improves links with the community.

Make a positive contribution

Clients begin their contribution within Penrose – services are co-produced with clients. Expertise from clients is used across the organisation particularly in training staff and policy development. We also work in partnership with community voluntary and statutory agencies to create opportunities for clients to utilise their skills and time positively for the community for example: volunteering and time banking.

If you would like to know more about our service delivery model or feel we could help your organisation with service delivery to people facing very specific life challenges, then contact us by calling 020 3668 9270 or completing the contact form.