What we do

Criminal Justice Service

Penrose has been delivering effective Criminal Justice Services for over 40 years. In the last year we supported over 6500 offenders in London alone.

‘You didn’t do miracles, you just understood and paid attention. I could see that you cared.’

From this work we know that too many prisoners leave custody without a job, training and/or a place to live. For this reason Penrose became a partner within the London CRC, ensuring that no offender was lost in the system.

As part of the London CRC we aim to:

  • reduce reoffending
  • protect the public
  • ensure offenders’ awareness and accountability of the effect of crimes on the victims of crimes and the public
  • successfully rehabilitate offenders.

‘My Penrose Officer was very helpful in supporting me to address my drug use and get into full-time work’

Our role is to work in prisons and the community to:

  • identify and achieve resettlement outcomes
  • help offenders understand and realise the effect their crime has had on victims and their own families
  • encourage offenders to be accountable and responsible adults
  • address any practical drug or alcohol problems they may have and aid their recovery
  • support them to recovery from mental illness and maintain physical and mental wellness
  • help with housing and employment
  • assist with family mediation and support
  • address negative relationships and behaviors and any lack of social and life skills
  • help secure paid employment

We do this by:

  • providing coordination of rehabilitation programmes in prisons
  • introducing prison gateway services ensuring offenders are not lost in the system
  • offering community support, guidance and supervision of all male offenders in London
  • building partnerships, brokering support and practical solutions
  • developing employment opportunities
  • providing training
  • investing in housing and identifying housing solutions

If you would like to find out more about Penrose’s Criminal Justice Rehabilitation Services then contact us by calling 08000 355625 or completing the contact form.