Services & Projects


Accommodation assessment and support for Luton clients, who are admitted to mental health wards in Luton. The service aims to ensure that when clients are discharged from hospital, they have suitable accommodation to live in.

Who is the service for & what is it funded/ accessed to deliver?

  • Luton patients in mental health wards – four wards in Luton & Dunstable Hospital, Townsend Court (Houghton Regis) and Oakley Court (Leagrave).
  • Male and female
  • Aged 18+
  • Housing need

Penrose Steps is part of the Mental Health and Housing Pathway between Luton Borough Council and East London Foundation Trust.

Our main role is to assess all individuals, who are admitted to the mental health assessment wards we operate in, for housing-related needs. The project is designed to address the problems experienced by patients, who are discharged from hospital to no fixed abode or unsuitable accommodation.

How to refer?

  • Self-referrals, within the wards
  • Referrals from staff on the wards
  • Referrals from care coordinators or social workers

Client story

Jamie: “The first flat I bid on, I won!”

“I was in Coral ward at the Luton & Dunstable hospital and I was having difficulties with housing. That’s how I first met Maureen at Penrose Steps. Maureen has been there all the way through my treatment in hospital. She came to see me, ringing me up to make sure I was okay.

“When I left hospital, I was evicted from my flat in Luton and the bailiffs came round. Maureen met me that day. We went to the council together and she really helped me with the talking and paperwork. She got me emergency housing that night. I was then given some temporary accommodation, a nice flat which I’ve done up.

“I have been bidding on flats with Maureen’s help, and the first one I bid on, I won! It’s all because of Maureen I got a proper council place.

“My mental health has got a lot better because it’s taken a lot of stress off my shoulders. When I got blocked on the bidding, for example, Maureen helped me get that sorted out. She’s been so helpful and supportive throughout my recovery.

“I would have been on the streets without Penrose. I suffer from depression and if it wasn’t for Maureen getting me a property, I would have got so much worse again. I’ve also got ADHD and bipolar. There’s just no way I could have worked out what to do on my own.

“I am so looking forward to having my own independence. I know the place is mine for good and I won’t have to worry about being moved or dealing with difficult landlords.”

To provide additional support, Maureen also works closely with Jamie’s mother.

“Penrose Steps is all about building up relationships,” Maureen says. “Jamie’s Mum communicates with me and I do with her, to offer the best support we can to Jamie.”