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Friends Road

Penrose Croydon is a 27-bed residential property specialising in forensic mental health,
complex needs and dual diagnosis. We offer a form of housing and resettlement that comes
with additional help for individuals’ specific needs.

Our forensic mental health step-down service consists of four individual services: Vulnerable
House, Women’s Service, Medium Support Service and High Support Service.

The team that drives the interventions that take place consists of an occupational therapist,
assistance psychologist, two positive engagement workers and a pool of highly skilled
practitioners, working alongside team leaders, the Services Manager and the Head of

We aim to rehabilitate service users and integrate them into the community. This involves
working with residents to set their direction of travel in life regarding working with services;
linking into agencies that can give them financial support; and assisting them in becoming
productive members of society. We collaborate with various external agencies and service
providers to achieve this goal. We also receive referrals from specific agencies, who refer
people with complex needs.

At Penrose Croydon we endeavour to increase service user involvement with services;
encourage and facilitate rehabilitative activities; guide people into independent living where
appropriate; guide service users into apprenticeships; and offer volunteering opportunities
and peer mentoring.