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Smoothie Anyone?

 Penrose Criminal Justice Service staff hosted their first Fitness and Wellbeing day for Service Users and staff at our vibrant Wembley Community Hub today.

Supporting our CJS Service Users to maintain physical and mental wellness is an integral part of our programme and we work with several partner organisations to encourage wellbeing and   fitness among our client group across London.

With keen support from a broad variety of partners and agencies such as Air Sports UK, The Samaritans and Spectra Health Screening Services our Hub was transformed into a virtual gym, smoothie kitchen and massage treatment centre for the day!  There were several organisations on site to offer advice on sexual health, stress and anxiety concerns and general mental health advice.

The event gave Services Users the opportunity to be better informed about what health and wellbeing services are available in the community and to encourage them to change their behaviour to improve their physical state.

‘I would like to thank all of the organisations who have supported us today in running this event. It is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the importance of health and wellbeing for our Service Users while they are on their journey to a more positive, fulfilling life.’ said Kelly Hallett, Director of Operations for Penrose Criminal Justice Services.

If you would like to find out more or are interested in running your own Wellbeing and Fitness Day contact