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Festive celebrations at Penrose services in Luton

We have three Christmas stories from Penrose services in Luton, to brighten up the darkest month of the year!

For all who are celebrating, we wish you a very happy Christmas.

Thank you Booker for your Christmas gifts

The Penrose Synergy team contacted Booker this month, to make a donation for their Christmas events.

Sarah Winterflood, service manager at Penrose Synergy, said: ‘We were overwhelmed by Booker’s generosity. From their donation, every service user who attended our winter events received a selection box and a Christmas card. Every support worker and support assistant in Luton received a Thornton’s snowman. We have enough snacks left over to last a couple of months for our Links group.’

Three cheers to Booker for their fantastic gifts!

Winter Lunch – MHFS service users

On 16th December, 20 service users, 5 staff and 1 commissioner attended a winter lunch at Biscot Mill in Luton.

The event encouraged people to get together and socialise, decreasing social exclusion.

Sarah Winterflood, service manager at Penrose Synergy, said: ‘Each service user who attended was given their Christmas card and selection box from Booker. We had Santa hats and a tinsel photo frame, which we used as a photo booth. Service users embraced the festive spirit, enjoyed their meal, socialised and gave speeches.

Comments about the winter lunch from service users included:

  • ‘’On behalf of us all, a massive thank you to all the Penrose staff for organising this. We are all so happy and thank you for all the hard work you do in supporting us. Such a nice thing for you to do today.’’
  • ‘’Thank you for doing this, especially around this time of the year. It’s horrible and so lonely, but doing this is lovely and we all appreciate it. We feel valued. We’ve all had a lovely meal and it’s been nice to be out with everyone.‘’
  • A box of chocolates was presented to the MHFS team by one service user, who said, “thank you for never giving up on me.”

Service user winter get together

On 17th December, 22 Penrose Synergy service users, 10 staff and 2 volunteers attended a local winter get together at Hope Church in Luton. Support workers assisted clients who suffer from social anxiety to attend the event.

Organised by the Penrose Synergy team, the event promoted service user engagement, encouraged friendship and decreased social isolation.

Each service user who attended received their Christmas card and selection box from Booker. There was Christmas music and dancing. Support workers and service users played games including pool, cards and table football.

Many thanks to Subway and Booker, who provided all the food and drink for this event.

Comments about the winter get together included:

  • ‘’I’ve loved today. Thank you so much for giving me my only present I’ll get at Christmas.”
  • One client who was recently in a car accident and suffers from anxiety, drove to this event and said: ‘’I’m shocked and surprised to be invited to an event like this. It’s been so nice to meet and speak to new people.‘’
  • A Penrose staff member, who attended both events, said: ‘’It’s at events like these that I’m reminded exactly why I love my job.’’

Penrose Options are a member of the Social Interest Group.