Criminal Justice Services Team Supervisor

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Criminal Justice Services Team Supervisor

Department: Penrose Criminal Justice Services
Work Location: London Resettlement Prisons (Brixton, Belmarsh, Pentonville and Wandsworth)
Salary: Up to £27,500 pa
Contract: Full Time, Fixed Term. This is a HMP on Fixed Term Contract until September 2020
Hours per week: 37.5
Shift pattern: Mon - Fri

Job description:


This is a HMP on a Fixed Term Contract until September 2020.

To successfully reduce reoffending, rehabilitate and reintegrate offenders back into the community. To effectively manage and motivate a team of Offender Resettlement Workers, Specialist Resettlement workers, Team Supervisors and Data Officers. To co-ordinate and ensure delivery of the “Getting It Right” resettlement programme within the prison setting. To ensure that each offender is effectively case managed and has a cohesive resettlement plan (BCST2) generated from the basic custody screening part 1. To ensure that BCST 3 reviews are completed for every offender within 12 weeks of release from custody. To ensure that your service provides pathways, support and appropriate interventions to enable successful resettlement for all prisoners in both a group and on a 1-1 basis. Work with internal and external partners, agencies and commissioners including HM Prison and Probation Service, Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) and the National Probation Service to achieve the desired outcomes and KPI’s for the service. The ability to develop excellent internal and external relationships is essential to this role. Team Co-ordinators will ensure that the service is fully embedded within the prison. You will be expected to regularly participate in team meetings, Meetings with London CRC, MOJ and other duties deemed relevant by management.


This service co-ordinates and co-delivers resettlement support for offenders across London prisons. These prisons are HMP’s Wandsworth, Belmarsh, Brixton and Pentonville. The Service Users being supported will have a wide range of resettlement needs and will have varying and sometimes complex needs.

Penrose provide resettlement support and outcomes to Offenders in custody. The service is designed to deliver interventions including the accredited Getting It Right programme and supporting journal in order to generate a cohesive resettlement plan for offenders post release from custody. The service will cover, release planning, employability, social support, treatment continuity, and housing as a minimum.

You will be responsible for oversight of the targets set by Penrose in partnership with MTC Novo and the London CRC and also developing strategies and policies. One of the key targets will be ensuring that your team are delivering positive outcomes to reduce reoffending rates. The ability to work within a custodial setting and to be able to develop excellent working relationships with other partner agencies is vital to this role. It is essential that you are able to meet prison clearance requirements to undertake this role.

Team Supervisors will be expected to have the necessary skills to be able to implement and support the delivery of the Getting It Right programme and develop any additional programmes within our remit in a custodial setting, and to direct line manage a team of Offender Resettlement Workers. Be responsible for and oversee case management quality and the provision for offenders on staff caseloads, ensuring that good links are made with the CRCs and other partners, and outcomes for Service Users are achieved.


  • Assist Team Managers in Building and creating relationships with internal and external agencies to facilitate resettlement planning.
  • Line Management of Offender Resettlement workers (Maximum 5 staff)
  • Provide cover (sickness and leave) for Team managers across all sites whenever necessary.
  • To follow quality assurance processes that ensure Quality improvement and to enhance resettlement needs of service users.
  • Assist Team Managers to ensure that a BCST 2 resettlement assessment is completed for each offender arriving at the establishment within 5 days of completion of the BCST1 (by Prison staff)
  • Assist Team Managers in the provision of resettlement advice and signposting to all offenders, ensuring all necessary criteria are met.
  • Assist the Team Manager to manage a resettlement service that deals with Service Users immediate and ongoing resettlement needs. This service will be coordinated and will focus on immediate and resettlement issues relating to, but not exclusive to accommodation, health, employment, finance and debt.
  • Assist the Team Manager with the ‘Getting it Right’ interactive journaling programme while in prison. You shall enable your team to use this as the framework to deliver an intensive, modular resettlement programme.
  • Assist the Team Manager to manage attendance rates to the Getting It Right programme and any other programmes developed for delivery to service users.
  • Assist the Team Manager to manage delivery of any programme introduced ensuring adequate referrals and completions,
  • Work with other agencies and co-commissioned services including but not limited to Substance Misuse Services; health services; the Offender Learning and Skills Service (OLASS); and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Benefits Advisers and Work and Programme Providers within the Resettlement Prison.
  • Assist the Team Manager to manage monthly reporting and monitoring of KPI’s in a timely professional manner including but not exclusive to MI Data, Good news stories, feedback forms, CPD’s, Observations, Supervisions and any other reports as directed by your line manager.
  • Assist the Team Manager to Manage Mentoring pathway ensuring support for those most vulnerable to relapse, ensuring TTG enhanced support is achieved.


  • Ensure that the team achieves the relevant KPI on information sharing with Responsible Officers in the community.
  • Enhance and enable teams to deliver individual support and resettlement packages for service users, liaising with the appropriate staff, agencies and care professionals to ensure successful delivery of the plans.
  • Assist the Team Manager to Undertake Quality Assurance and Audits to ensure there is genuine engagement with the offender using appropriate methodologies and inventions to encourage and support their engagement and progress towards greater independence in the community. Highlighting Good and bad practice. Manage appropriate follow up action.
  • Enhance the team’s knowledge in providing / arranging advice, information to offenders in relation to but not exclusive to physical health matters, substance misuse welfare benefits, education, employment and training, life skills and any other identified support needs.
  • To assist where necessary in positively reporting to the Head of reducing reoffending on areas of assistance and support within the custodial environment.
  • To be aware of any disputes or emergencies and report to appropriate manager.
  • Have up to date relevant specialist knowledge in all pathway strands that can be cascaded to teams that support the needs of our Service Users.
  • Assist the Team Manager to manage teams in updating service user information onto relevant platforms, including, Oasys, C-Nomis and the MI Data Tool.
  • Assist the Team Manager to manage teams to ensure that at all times work is conducted within the policy and procedural framework established, ensuring full up to date knowledge and understanding of policies, procedures and legislation at all times.

Staff Supervision/Line Management

  • Provide high quality leadership and line management to staff.
  • Ensure that all staff have personal development plans, and are appropriately supported to achieve the plans targets / interventions.
  • Ensure that regular 1-1 supervisions are undertaken at least every 3 months.
  • When required, participate in the selection and induction of new staff to ensure that they are aware of their duties and the policies, practice and values of Penrose.
  • Ensure that HM Prison security requirements are adhered to at all times.
  • Manage staff to ensure awareness of all HR policies and procedures and also our Employee Assistance Programme.
  • Manage absenteeism and lateness, on or below, the agreed levels for the organisation, taking appropriate support and action to achieve the target. Use Trakka system reports appropriately to evidence and support if necessary.
  • Ensure all staff maintain high standards of professional performance at all times through adherence to the Penrose policies and procedural frameworks.
  • Ensure that disciplinary, complaints and grievance procedures are appropriately managed.
  • Manage staff performance via the Penrose appraisal system and that appraisals are conducted and completed on time. Use PIP’s (performance improvement plans) appropriately wherever necessary.
  • Manage staff induction and probationary periods.
  • In the absence of the Team Manager hold daily staff briefings, attend Governors morning meetings. Cascade necessary information to staff teams, be transparent.
  • Supervise and monitor the workload of the team and ensure that all current performance and service standards are met.
  • In the absence of the Team Manager arrange local vetting appointments with new candidates, ensuring appointments are followed up and reported to Service Manager with progress.

Operational Management

  • Attend Reducing Reoffending meetings, Quality Improvement Groups, Tripartite Meetings, Team Manager Meetings, full staff meetings and any other meetings deemed necessary by your line manager.
  • Assist the Team Manager to manage all statutory records to ensure they are accurately maintained and available for inspection upon request from the appropriate authorities.
  • Manage staffing levels in conjunction with the Team Manager, to ensure service delivery is maintained.
  • Manage and be responsible for ensuring Penrose’s Risk Assessment and Risk Management Policies are fully understood and being complied with at the Service area.
  • Ensure that you and your team fully adhere to partner agency policies and practices as appropriate including HMPPS, CRC and NPS.
  • Report incidents and accidents as per Social Interest Group’s procedure, also internally following the procedures laid down by HMPPS.

Resettlement and Support Practice

  • Ensure that innovative and personalised support is delivered flexibly to meet service user needs and wishes, building independence within the community.
  • Ensure that all Service Users have an assigned offender resettlement worker and appropriate resettlement plans have been provided monitored and reviewed at regular intervals.
  • Ensure that risk assessments and management plans are completed and updated regularly.
  • Ensure all relevant data is recorded in the correct timeframes using the appropriate electronic data system.
  • Ensure that information is shared appropriately and in accordance with the Penrose GPDR policy.
  • Support and encourage Service User involvement and initiatives within the service (Orderlies) and service user involvement at the wider organisational level initiatives and services
  • To ensure that your professional awareness of best practice and service innovation is maintained and shared with all Project staff.
  • Ensure absolute adherence to Penrose Confidentiality Policy and all other associated policies and procedures.

Development of the Project/Community Liaison

  • Continue to develop the service provisions within the service, to ensure best practice and leading edge services are available to service users
  • Work in partnership with the other agencies supporting the Project to improve the services and expand provision where possible
  • Promote the Project through participation in inter-agency forums and attendance at other functions where appropriate and as directed by the Service Manager.
  • Participate and contribute to the development of an annual plan for the Project, which reflects the objectives and performance for the Project

Financial management and Administration

  • To promote effective cost control mechanisms, and encourage all staff to take responsibility for achieving financial savings where appropriate.
  • Assist the Team Manager to manage on time reporting and submission of information to Central Office functions, such as training record updates, performance statistics for KPI monitoring and Quality & Performance for payroll etc.
  • Ensure all Penrose policies and procedures are appropriately understood, followed and implemented at the Project

Health & Safety and Environment

  • Promote and encourage best practice in Health & Safety and Environment.
  • Responsible for the Project’s Health & Safety including monthly Health and Safety reporting.
  • Take responsibility for the personal safety of all people working and/ or visiting the service especially in response to emergency / evacuation situations.
  • Ensure all the organisations rules/policies regarding Health, Safety and the Environment are strictly adhered to and that safe working practices are adopted at all times and risk assessments are both carried out and followed.
  • Assist the Team Manager to Manage the reporting of any incidents /accidents occurring at the Project to Line-manager, HR and the competent Health & Safety person. Conducting investigations into the incident / accident and provide appropriate report.
  • Ensure all RIDDOR incidents are reported in a timely fashion.
  • Responsible for ensuring COSHH and Risk assessments records are maintain and available for reference and use.

Equal Opportunities

  •  Ensure consistent and effective implementation of Penrose’s Equal Opportunities & Diversity policy and procedures.
  • Ensure staff are trained and understand Penrose’s Equal Opportunities & Diversity policy and procedures.
  • Positively promote an environment within Penrose which respects and values the diversity of both staff and service users.

Other Responsibilities and Duties as Required

  • Other responsibilities than those described above may be required to be undertaken from time to time and will be expected to be performed to as long as it is within the capability and level of the position.


Signing documents in conformance with the Authorisation Policy


  • Service Delivery and Staff performance.
  • Maintenance of excellent partnership arrangements with partners, professional bodies and commissioners.
  • Comply with any required standards or procedures as detailed in the Organisation’s ISO9001 QMS.
  • Achievement of KPI targets and personal objectives.
  • Service user feedback and satisfaction.
  • Safeguarding and risk management within the project.

Please note that this job description is subject to change (following consultation) depending on the needs of the organisation

Person Specification


Team Supervisor


 Qualifications and Experience  Rating  Application Form  Interview
Appropriate professional qualification:NVQ / Diploma level 4 in Health & Social Care / Community Justice/ Mental health or professional equivalent. In addition a management qualification would be advantageous Desirable 




Staff Management Experience Desirable x       x       
Direct experience of working in reintegration and rehabilitation services or similar services Essential   x        
Experience of working with ethnically diverse groups of service users Desirable x         x         
Experience of providing commercially viable services and interventions to target client groups Essential x     x    


An understanding of the needs of vulnerable people who may also have mental health, offending or substance misuse problems Essential x        x        
Knowledge and practical application of key legislation – Equality and Diversity, Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Social Care and Housing and H&S Essential x         
Knowledge and understanding of the practical requirements of the Care Standards Act 2000 and other relevant legislation Essential x          x         
A good understanding of the principles of staff development and management, e.g.supervision, appraisal & training Desirable x         x       
 Skills and abilities


x     x       
Proven ability to provide clear leadership and management to a team Desirable x         x     
Ability to reflect and look at self Essential x       
Ability to assess information quickly andmake sound judgments Essential x  x
Excellent I.T skills Essential x         x       
Able to influence and form strong relationships with commissioning bodies and professional agencies Essential   x        
An effective communicator Essential x       x         
Excellent planning and organisational skills Essential   x        
Demonstrate the ability to build key relationships to the benefit of the project Essential   x         




Team Supervisor


Competency Definition Level
Oral communication Communicates in a way that is unambiguous using appropriate terminology and non-verbal communication, providing accurate data that influences and informs the recipient. Level C – Communicates effectively in all situations and environments and supports others to effectively express themselves
Written communication Expresses ideas clearly in a well structured manner, using correct grammar and appropriate terminology. Uses a variety of media. Level C – Actively supports others in their written communications. Corrects and amends texts of others.
Coaching and motivating Directing and guiding others in the performance of their tasks. Establishing a spirit of working together to set and achieve goals. Level C – When collaborating with others, stimulates and contributes actively to the provision of mutual feedback and support aimed at fostering individual development
Planning and organising Use good planning skills to deliver results. Stipulating the time and resources needed to achieve the results Level C – Demonstrates good project management skills to deliver on cost, quality and timescales. Encourages and coordinates others to effectively plan and organise effectively
Commercial Demonstrating business and commercial awareness when making decisions. Level B – Applies business acumen to own decision making including an awareness of new opportunities
Leadership Directing and guiding employees in the performance of their jobs; employing management styles and methods which are tailored to the employee/team and situation in question. Level B – Provides independent direction and guidance to others in the performance of their tasks
Results Orientation Actively focused on achieving results and objectives. Level B – Manages priorities to achieve agreed outcomes and takes timely action to ensure no delays


Why work with us?

  • Excellent core and on-going training aligned with personal development plan
  • 25 days annual leave (increasing 1 day per year of service up to 30 days)
  • Pension, Eye-care Vouchers
  • Growing and forward-thinking organisation


All successful applicants will be required to undertake an Enhances DBS and provide employment references covering 5 years period including one from your most recent employer. If you feel that this role is for you, please complete an application form which can be found below and send to by the closing date.

Candidates must demonstrate an understanding of the issues relating to equal opportunities in service delivery and provision and to actively promote ways of eradicating racism, sexism, and other forms of negative discrimination though the group’s policies and procedures.

If you wish to work with this challenging yet rewarding client group then this could be a perfect opportunity for you.

Closing date: 05/12/2018

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