The weekly Penrose Links group provides a supportive and enabling environment for people who experience social isolation and loneliness. The group encourages people to leave their homes, establish friendships, learn new skills and grow in confidence.

  • Penrose Links is a community resource, open to anyone who wants to come.
  • Clients include people who experience social isolation, loneliness of who have low level mental health needs

The project assists people with living skills, social skills, preventing substance/ alcohol misuse, self-esteem and confidence. Activities include socialising, reading the papers, music workshops, cooking clubs, creative writing, art and photography.

Penrose Links aims to increase involvement and wellbeing opportunities for vulnerable and socially isolated individuals to access appropriate local services. In doing so, we aim to achieve less reliance on inappropriate services, including reducing the use of crisis and emergency services.

The group offers a range of activities including:

  • Day trips
  • Training opportunities in peer mentoring or volunteering
  • Employment workshops
  • Recreational workshops – music therapy, art, relaxation, baking, cinema
  • Fitness and wellbeing opportunities – walking and yoga
  • Health eating / cooking on a budget
  • Budgeting

The vision is that Penrose Links becomes completely led by the service users and volunteers.

Client stories:

David: “Fantastic, friendly people”

links artwork“I like coming to Penrose Links because I get out and about and I meet different people. I come every Friday. We’ve got activities on offer here, including yoga, gardening, art and games. It’s relaxing and I really like the socialising – fantastic, friendly people.

“Penrose has helped me a great deal since last year. I was in sheltered accommodation and I got into arrears. Penrose helped me to find a place I could afford. I’ve got a nice new flat now and I’m settled in. They do a fantastic job of helping people like me.”

George: “The group keeps me out of trouble”

“I’m coming up to 60 now. I get so bored sitting at home and I want to keep out of the pub and betting shops. So I come here to Penrose Links. I like meeting nice people and because I live on my own, it’s good to have company. It’s great to spend a couple of hours here on a Friday – the group keeps me out of trouble.

“After my brother died, the government wanted to charge me bedroom tax. So Penrose helped me to find a one bedroom flat. I’m really happy with Penrose, they’ve helped me out a lot.

“I’m looking forward to doing the gardening with Sam at Penrose Roots. Another thing that will keep me out of the pub. It’s a good habit, coming here.”