Penrose Criminal Justice Rehabilitation Service (CJRS) is a department within Penrose Options.  Penrose CJRS provides a range of person centred rehabilitation services in prison, through the gate and in the community. We are a Tier two Community Rehabilitation partner within MTC Novo’s solution for the London Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC). We also provide residential support services for offenders in London and Luton as well as being key providers of IOM solutions. These compliment our forensic mental health and specialist personality disorder services that are within Penrose Options other provision (please see other sections of the web site for information on these services). We are expert in managing risk, sex offenders, sex workers, substance misusers, MAPPA offenders and offenders receiving multiple short sentences. Our recidivism rate is below 11% and our unplanned return to hospital for our forensic mental health offenders is below 2%. We currently work face-to-face with over 15,000 offenders per year in both custodial and community settings.

The aims of Penrose criminal justice services are:

  • to reduce reoffending;
  • to protect the public;
  • to ensure offenders’ awareness and accountability of the effect of crimes on the victims of crimes and the public; and
  • to successfully rehabilitate offenders.

We work with male and female offenders to:

  • identify and achieve resettlement outcomes
  • understand and realise the effect their crime has had on victims and their own families;
  • be accountable and responsible adults;
  • address any practical drug or alcohol problems they may have and aid their recovery
  • support them to recovery from mental illness and maintain physical and mental wellness
  • help with housing and employment
  • family mediation and support
  • address negative relationships, and improve any lack of social and life skills
  • address negative behaviours and personality disorders

Ultimately make positive choices so service users can live fulfilled lives!

Prisons and community rehabilitation


We coordinate and provide rehabilitation and resettlement solutions to all offenders within 4 prisons in London. We have teams of resettlement workers in each of the prisons providing one to one support and guidance who also coordinate and provide group modular based interventions. In each of the male prisons we provide a gateway service ensuring all offenders have their resettlement, rehabilitation, licence and other appointments and support  arranged for when they leave prison. This offers continuity of rehabilitative support from within prison to the community. Once adult male offenders finish their period on licence, they are supported by Penrose during  the Post Sentence Supervision period.  During the supervision period we are responsible for ensuring they maintain any supervision order and address any of their needs within their rehabilitation plan. This may include:  debt advice, support to maintain accommodation, family liaison, access to employment and brokerage to other services.


We provide housing advice and brokerage for all IOM offenders.

Supported living

We have a small amount of supported living accommodation for offenders. The referrals into the units are from a variety of  local authority coordinated bed management teams or our CRC staff.

Women’s sex workers service

We provide a specialist support and residential service for women sex workers, who also have drug and alcohol problems and are trying to leave men and women that control them. We work with them over a period of time to reduce the substance misuse and to offer alternatives to selling sex and allowing another person to control them. This service is not a quick fix but a person centred safe way to work with this client group.

If you would like to find out more about Penrose’s Criminal Justice Rehabilitation Services then contact us by calling 020 3668 9270 or completing the contact form.