Penrose is committed to ensuring people have access to social care and support when they most need it. We motivate and build confidence with clients when their lives are most chaotic and are expert at managing risk. Our services provide choices; encourage individuals to take control and responsibility for their lives by giving them the right tools and information to do so.

How long has Penrose been doing this?

Founded more than 45 years ago, Penrose uses this experience to provide specialist services for people who need support, advice, care and brokerage, to help navigate the way to independent fulfilled lives. All our services are centred on the person and built around individual needs and aspirations with the aim of securing independence and resettlement into the community.

Who comes to Penrose?

People who are vulnerable due to:

  • Mental ill health
  • Offending history
  • Homelessness
  • Economic status
  • Substance misuse
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Victims’ of abuse

Who works for Penrose?

More than 230 fully trained and experienced staff work for our clients at our services, which range from residential services, community floating support,courts, prisons, hospitals, at home as well as drop-in resource centres. On-going training from external advisors, peer-group workshops and by clients ensures that staff are fully aware of changing legislation and innovative techniques. By updating personal development to bring into play the latest models and methods to enhance client support we find solutions to ensure the most effective service delivery.